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Welcome Back from Fall Break

Hello families,

We hope you all had a wonderful Fall Break. We hope that you were able to spend time with your families and friends and that you took a moment for yourself to relax and reboot during this beautiful season here in Colorado.

We want to thank you for attending conferences and celebrating success with your child. We continue to feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such incredibly supportive and kind people. We hope that you were able to gain a new understanding and appreciation for the dedication, passion, and knowledge that your child pours into their project each and every day.

As we look back on the first 9 weeks of Blueprint, we cannot help but be overjoyed by both the personal and academic growth we have seen from our Blueprinters as they have worked tirelessly to understand and master the process of designing and driving their own learning. We are simply astounded by their progress in setting long and short term goals, managing their time, learning through multiple levels of thinking, as well as their flexibility, openness to new ideas, and the ability to advocate for themselves. As you saw at conferences, we measure success through 4 different attributes: Voice, Co-Creation, Social Construction, and Self-Discovery. We will continue to provide you and your children feedback on these essential measures as they continue to drive their own learning.

On Thursday before break, we took a moment to celebrate all the hard work that Mrs. Theriault had contributed to us during last six weeks. We are so thrilled to welcome back Mrs. Sarah Johnson and happy to announce that Ms. Theriault will be a joining us on Thursdays and Fridays to continue to have rich discussions with kids as she

Now that you have interacted with your child’s project design during conferences, continue to encourage your kiddo to share work with these "dinner table topics: "

1. Tell me about one of your learning targets today.

2. Did you attend any seminars today? What did you learn? How will it help you in your project?

3. What is your Pillars (or Pivot) theme this week?

4. What did you take away from pillars this morning? How did you make this a part of your day?

5. Did you discover anything interesting in your research today? What else are you wondering about?

6. What evidence were you able to add to your Project Design today?

7. Can you show me your Project Design? I'd love to see your learning!

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