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Refilling the Happy Bar

It seems hard to believe that we are only finishing up day two, because our Blueprinters are professionals! They continue to enfold themselves in process and we are humbled by their patience with us!

Blueprinters rotated through three seminars today: Get Connected, Keys to BP, and The Power of HMW. During Get Connected, the kiddos got their tech devices logged on to wifi, and were able to explore our different Google Classroom sites. In Keys to BP, we explored the process of how Blueprint was created, and the process of how Blueprinters will begin to build their own schedules by discussing our pieces of the day. Lastly, through The Power of HMW, we dissected How Might We statements. These are phrases that an innovator may use to help ask the right questions and use the best wording, in hopes to spark creative thinking and collaboration. We will continue to strengthen our transitions as Blueprinters move from space to space, but overall, the kiddos did a truly outstanding job.

As we read through students' reflections about today, there was one that stood out. A student stated that Blueprint (so far) had completely recharged her "happy bar" (Vaughan if you can add specifics, be my guest). This statement, among many others, has proven that we are on the right track!

We hope your day was as great as ours was!

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