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Empowering creative individuals to reach their highest potential day in and day out.


to experience our students' phenomenal work

AP's impressive game that he coded on Scratch from scratch.

MH, AT, and  LJ's sustainable aquaponics tank for dietary and medicinal purposes.

January is.....

Snow falls softly covering the world in a blanket of cold, where ice, frost, and red noses thrive.  The gyms are packed and the health food store's shelves are empty. Resolutions are not forgotten yet, leftovers from New Years fill refrigerators across the globe, and glitter is found in every inch of every house. Children head back to school and dread every minute of it, while adults wish they were young again. Finale Holiday presents are giving out to classmates and coworkers. That is January, a month of quite, peaceful, and happiness. Well until February when everyone goes back to being their messed up hot mess selves.


January is the start of a new, successful year. A time to get to know this newcomer, a chance to let them tell their story. January is like a appetizer at the dinner table, of what is coming next. A roof that expands, and it will never reach the top, because the top is far ahead. The feeling of waking up to the sun, a ray of sunshine, even though outside is cold and damp. The winter is just the hatching of our year, and January is the mother. January will soon be gone, it is a one chance to know this year. A leap of joy as to getting a nice warm coca and sitting near the window. January is special, because it is the start of a new opportunity.


AC's impressive and thorough research notes.

"I am so impressed with how you conducted this interview, you seemed very prepared."

A response to OW's interview with a professional.

RB conducted possibly one of the best seminars of Blueprint history.

His project was focused on immigration and the push and pull factors that cause someone to move. He discovered that there is a lack of understanding and empathy in how people view those who are now living in a different culture and having to speak a brand new language. In order to cultivate a positive mind shift, he designed an empathy experience.

RB invited a teacher who moved to America from Japan as an adult to help him lead. 

The teacher shared her story and experiences as RB interviewed her.

Then RB had the students attending the seminar attempt to communicate using Japanese. 

It was amazing to watch as they gained empathy through the frustration and mistakes they made in communicating. Everyone present was the better for RB's seminar.

The problem:

A lack of accessible, clean water in mass parts of India.

NN's brilliant prototype.


Emotions wrapped in story, six words.

White page, black ink, new story. -SH

Work hard, do good, big reward. -HW

Pretty you, take off the mask. -JM

She came, next day gone. -AT

Walk to school, didn't come back. -RB

One friend, one life, one say. -DJ

Plane. One hour, Fire, smoke. Goodbyes. -AS

One person, one world, one chance. -ED

My research has opened my eyes to a problem that is HUGE, and very difficult to solve.  My eyes will never see childhood quite the same, knowing now, what I know. I did extensive research on this problem because it tugged so severely on my heart strings....


 Every day now 100 of thousands of people look up to her as a role model, and a leader . And to me she is one of my biggest inspirations she is one of the reason’s I want to keep moving forward and wanting to have a growth mindset ...


I  lava you...

Ukulele  rendition by SH. 

I have spent countless hours developing a design to give those with swan neck deformity the equal opportunity to use everyday objects like a simple computer mouse. ....


Child hunger is one of the things that breaks my heart. Imagine waking up with no breakfast and going to bed with no dinner....



If you really knew me you would know that I write of far away places, different worlds, hoping to inspire the poor soul that happens to stumble upon my story. You would know that I strive to to make even the slightest impact on the world, it would even fulfill me to inspire one, one single person. If you knew me you would know that I want to change the world, for good of course, with my stories, with my tales.



A veteran, a soldier, a man for our country.

A hero, a boy, a sacrifice.

He should be honored.  He should be revered.

He should be known throughout the land.

They love and cry to this day on.

They share the stories that they've held on.

They should be thanked.

They should be loved.

With illnesses that we can't fix.

With not many left.

There won't be stories to teach and to test.



I am the weakest

I do not believe

I have a good haircut

I believe

I am a follower

I do not believe

I can show myself to the world

the way I am.  

I am the outcast.

I do not believe I am

the best I can be

I am

the first to die.

I am not

destined to fix the world

I am the one 

to run and hide

I am not the one

to stand and fight

I am the one  to


while my friends 




Today the way out:

It’s not decent food,

But decent water.

It’s not decent tents,

But decent shelter.

It’s not decent people,

But decent communities.

It’s not decent happiness,

But decent freedom.


The problem:

Increasing  ocean temperatures are causing coral reefs to become  bleached and die. 

AT and DJ's prototype to preserve the ocean reefs. 

Explore HW's coded game,                                         created from scratch on Scratch.

An email from an expert  in response to JM...

Thank you for reaching out to me to learn more about Lamb Spring. I think your project is very innovative and cutting edge. You should be very proud of your creativity and thoughtful research. Our science needs students like you!

Please consider me a resource for help anytime.



Dear Geometry Dash,

...I am surprised that my brain is not splurging out of my head... -PS

I’m from “be careful’s” and “I love you’s” and the car radio that never has a song on that everyone agrees on. I’m from family time when we all sit together on that brown couch and watch a show or play a game. -DV

Black Out Poetry --HB

At school I feel like my happiness bar is recharged and I don't really want to leave.

All of the teachers are a perfect fit for me and just help to charge that happy bar. It's a feeling school has never given me before and I don't really know how to describe it. I find myself forgetting that this is regular school and it will be like this every day of 6th grade year.  I'm incredibly excited and curious to see what the rest of the year will bring.  -DV

Black Out Poetry --TS

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