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Let the Adventure Begin

We were absolutely blown away by our Blueprinters today! Not only did they come open to exploring something unfamiliar, but they were so eager to embrace change and new challenges.

I think we are all exhausted, but in the best possible way as our first day was filled to the brim. We asked our kids to think a lot today, specifically focusing on assumptions - the assumptions they may have for each other, for school, for the Blueprint program, for us, and even for themselves. We will be focusing on the idea of a "pivot," or as the kids described it today, a way to shift or change what you once believed, throughout the entire year. "Pivot the Possible," will be a guiding force as we ask kids to take risks, try new things, be more open to ideas, and be more open with each other. Today, we focused on 'pivoting our assumptions' so as to give everyone a clean slate and to build the foundations for our program with positivity and empathy. We will continue to build a powerful community and culture over the next several weeks. Piece by piece, we will be adding in different components of our day and program so that kids feel empowered and prepared to take on their own projects.

We are so grateful to you for sending them today with open hearts and open minds. We cannot wait for tomorrow!

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