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Dear Geometry Dash,

         Why do you have to be so hard? I mean I can’t even beat Stereo Madness and that’s the easiest level on the game. Also, while you’re at it can you please change those faces on the top of the level showing the emotions which say the difficulty. Cause in my personal opinion Stereo Madness would be a demon level. Oh,and that music gets SO annoying. Like, for example, say you’re on attempt 236 getting super mad and about to rage quit but of course all you hear is that super annoying happy music. It no joke makes me go mental and I mean mental. At that point I’m surprised that my brain isn’t splurging out of my head. But no matter how hard you are or how much I want to rage quit when I play you. I will always love and play you forever



PS, your #1 rage quitter.

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