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       When you were little, did complain about doing chores or doing anything that your parents told you to do? Did you ever feel like you had no say in anything? Did your self awareness go beyond yourself? Most of us live lives of luxury compared to many, less fortunate children.  Our childhoods are pretty golden when you compare them to the lives of what we call, The Invisible Children. Recently I have been studying the multiple aspects of a large societal problem that we call, Invisible Children.  Invisible children are the children who are sold into slavery or into war.  They live lives of silent desperation.


        My research has opened my eyes to a problem that is HUGE, and very difficult to solve.  My eyes will never see childhood quite the same, knowing now, what I know. I did extensive research on this problem because it tugged so severely on my heart strings.  There are multiple websites about invisible children but what stood out on every website was the same thing-- and that is this daunting question that every charity asks,  “would you like to donate now?”. The reason why that didn’t make sense was because a donation is  just money, it is not helping children get their freedom back.  Where is all that money going if the problem still exists? Children around the globe are starving, they have to fight for someone who they don’t want to fight for. Girls are being slaves and boys are having to fight in wars.These children have never had their freedom.   We try to raise money, and we do fundraisers, but what does that do? Freedom is still trapped and nothing is changing. Offenders are still kidnaping children and being greedy. When you were young did ever take a second and think about someone else beside yourself? someone who is in need of something or someone? Have you ever tried to help? Why don’t we do anything because we always go with the first idea the biggest brightest shiniest idea and that idea is let’s do a fundraiser and in your brain you're like oh I am going to raise money and send over to Africa and children are going to be so happy.Well sorry to burst your bubble, that's not how it works.  But don’t forget that children in Africa that might seem far away but you can still help but don’t just think of a fundraiser think deeper than that one idea.  


       What else can be done to protect the invisible children?  What changes need to be made to our society so that these acts of violence toward children are simply unimaginable?


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