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    I am studying Anne Frank on her journey she was taken to concentration camp by the Nazi soldiers . Today she is one of my biggest inspirations and everyday I think of her and I push myself to go further . On my journey of researching I have found all of these fascinating facts .

     I read an amazing article on understanding others feelings, when I found this information I thought this is perfect I mean I’m studying Anne Frank and through her journey she was taken to concentration camp. Have you ever thought of someone that became famous for their journey even though other people have gone through the same experience, well that was what I wondered.  Little did I know the only reason she became famous is because of her dad. After Anne Frank had past away in Concentration Camp from a disease called Typhus a disease  you will eventually die in your own filth.

     Otto Frank Anne Frank’s dad found her diary and took it to be published, and now she is  known for her story and faith. The reason Anne Frank was taken to Concentration Camp was because someone heard something suspicious and reported it to the Nazi soldiers, It actually took them three times to find where Anne Frank was hidden for the past two years . They still knew that she was somewhere hiding and staying as quiet as possible. Every time the Nazi soldiers came looking for her she wrote about her fears, her thought’s, and her experience .
     Every day now 100 of thousands of people look up to her as a role model, and a leader . And to me she is one of my biggest inspirations she is one of the reason’s I want to keep moving forward and wanting to have a growth mindset . The sad thing is she had no one to look up to she had no one that she could say I am going to do this because of them . I think that everybody should have someone to  inspire them .

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