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"Today is Earth day, but to me, it's just another day. Every single day I love and appreciate this place called Earth. She has shown me all the beauty and magic in the world, and she is our only home. So many people spend their lives looking for gods and creators, when the real divinity is all around us. Our Earth gives us everything we need to survive, and yet we are taking more; so much more. We are truly a parasite to this beautiful planet and all the creatures we share it with, and she'll get sick first before she fights back - we are only screwing ourselves in the end, because we cannot live without her, and if we make it so that the Earth can't live with us, she will wipe us off. I challenge all of you to get outside and fall in love with this planet today and everyday. We only protect the things we love. Our Earth needs us now, and we have always and will always need our Earth."


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