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Welcome to Blueprint! Thank you all for committing to this amazing program! I love

Sage Canyon, and I am fortunate that it has been my home for the last four years.

I was born and raised in this wonderful state. I grew up in Durango, Colorado, and I moved to Castle Rock in 6th grade. I attended Meadow View Elementary, Castle Rock Middle School, and Douglas County High School, all of which are in the Douglas County School District


I  graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a  degree in Elementary Education  with an emphasis in Political Science. I am continuing my education at Regis Univeristy

by pursuing a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.


I come from a long line of educators. In fact, my dad recently retired from a 30+ year career in public education, during which he was a coach, teacher, and administrator.

I very much value my family, and I am fortnate to have most of them close by. My parents are still here in Castle Rock, and my grandparents recently relocated here as well. I am the "baby" of the family, alhtough I am one of three triplets (so I am only the youngest by minutes). My sister

is a Special Education teacher at West Early College in Denver, and my brother has

relocated to Virginia to pursue his Law degree.

Mrs. McCoy

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